Clockwise from left:

A team from New York that put a roof on one of our churches;

Rev. and Mrs. Tom Brumbley, Directors;

Steve Bernheisel with his sponsored child in Arnoux


Serving the Lord in Haiti since 1972

Welcome!  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit our website.  Please feel free to watch our videos, see some photos, read about the history of EWO, and contact us about how you can become involved with all that God is doing in Haiti.


Evangelistic World Outreach, Inc. - Haiti

     On March 26th, we left Haiti and returned to Salisbury, MD, because of the outbreak of the Corona virus.  There are currently about 4,700 confirmed cases and 82 deaths.  Most believe the numbers are much higher as many refuse to be tested because of the stigma of having the virus.  There are cases of people being harmed by others because they were said to have Covid 19.  As far as we know, we have had 3 people pass away from our churches....2 in our Headquarters' church and 1 from the one in Petit Goave.  (EWO has 14 churches throughout the country.)

      The airport in Port-au-Prince has been closed to incoming passengers since March 19th.  The Prime Minister has been saying that it needs to open back up, but that hasn't happened yet.  Many think it could be possible in late July.

      We continue to keep in close contact with our EWO pastors.  We use WhatsApp to send messages to them and they respond to us in the same manner.  They often send us pictures of what is happening in their particular areas and of their families.  Please continue to pray for the south of Haiti as they desperately need rain for their crops.  Also, lift up the pastors, their families, the congregants, and our school children, and ask the Lord to keep a covering of protection over them all.  (EWO has 8 schools throughout the island.)

     You can follow us on FaceBook and find out what is happening currently in the EWO ministry.  Please send friend requests to Evangelistic World Outreach on FaceBook.

     Tom and I look forward to celebrating 48 years of marriage in August and 48 years in Haiti in November.  Blessed be the name of the Lord!  We give all glory to Him and ask His strength and guidance to continue doing the work He has called us to do in Haiti.