Clockwise from left: Students from an EWO School; Rev. and Mrs. Tom Brumbley, Directors with Carole Comeau; Orangers Facility


Serving the Lord in Haiti since 1972

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Hurricane Matthew

In response to many requests, Tom and I want to give you the current situation and needs at Evangelistic World Outreach (EWO) in Haiti.

WHAT WE HAVE DONE (to date):
1. Opened our churches in Arnoux and Dufour as shelters for the community.
2. Provided food to those in need from our school feeding programs in Arnoux, Dufour, and Orangers.
3. Provided funds to workers so they can help their relatives in areas hardest hit by Matthew.
4. Provided materials to three households to repair damaged areas to their homes.

1. Replace roofs on the sixth grade classroom and the principal's house in Orangers.
2. Replace the roof on the older La Vallee church.
3. Help families in Arnoux, Banda Chita, Caiman, Dufour, and Orangers to rebuild their homes. We also need to help them be able to replant their gardens, banana trees, and to help with purchasing animals that were lost in the storm.
4. Rebuild our brush arbor churches (that were destroyed) in Losier and Haut-Allege.
5. Secure the church roof in Petit Goave.
6. Help our national pastor, Rev. Jean Carlo Thomas, rebuild his churches in St. Louis and Balix. (He is still awaiting word from Roche-a-Bateau to know how the people and his buildings are.

1. Initially, 1000 sheets of 6 ft. tin (Eventually, we could need 4000 sheets.)
2. 100 sheets 12' metal for roofing
3. Wood:
      200 2x4x16
      350 1x4x16
      as well as rough cut lumber for wall posts.
4. Nails, screws, wire, steel
5. Transportation of materials
6. Labor costs

We plan to purchase these materials here to save on costs and time as well as to boost the Haitian economy. If you have a particular project that you would like to help with and you would like more specifics of cost, please email us at delmasgent@yahoo.com or message us on Facebook.

We thank you, in advance, for your concern, love, prayers, and support. Thank you for partnering with us.